Mavis, Tenant

"I love it here!"

Doris, Tenant

"I am safe and sound here."

Anne, Tenant

"Everything is so well organized and runs so smoothly. I have learned to use an IPad to FaceTime with my family once a week. It’s not safe for my family to travel right now either so this works great!"

Kay, Tenant

"I feel safe from COVID. I love the entertainment and activities we have. I enjoy the company of one another. There is no reason to sit in my apartment twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do. There is plenty of places to walk indoors and outdoors."

Betty, Tenant

"I appreciate not being alone. I appreciate being here with my Summit House Family who takes care of any needs I may have. Peace of mind for my family."

Kathie, Tenant

"We have a beautiful courtyard to enjoy, activities and hot meals. I don’t have to worry about a thing!"

Larry, Tenant

"We are like family at Summit House. We care about one another and inquire if we don’t see someone one day at coffee or meals. We are less exposed to potential carriers because we live at Summit House. We have everything we need right here at Summit House."

Charlotte, Tenant

"I can go to appointments safely because we are connected to the clinic and hospital. Our meds and groceries are delivered to us."

Harlan & Virginia, Tenants

"We are safe at Summit House. We have groceries delivered here so we don’t need to risk being exposed. We have sociability here. Coffee with our Summit House Family and meals together."


Jeanne, Tenant

"My family is comfortable knowing I am at Summit House."

Ron Sweers

If anyone is ever looking at assisted living, you should move to Summit House! My Mom calls it home!

Lois Burr, Tenant

To all employees at Summit House, Thank you for your constant care. Pray the Lord bless you all.  I don't know what I would do without all of you.